October Newsletter

October 2019 Construction update

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Work on the permanent school is continuing to progress. The concrete base for the ground floor is now in place and we are currently installing the supporting columns for the upper floors.

As part of the agreed highways works for the new school, we will be resurfacing Bickley Road to provide an anti-skid surface: temporary traffic management arrangements will be in place outside the site for one week. 


New website name

We've changed our name.

We're no longer bwsfb2019.com.

We're now bwsfbconstruction.com.

This reflects the fact we've moved into the construction phase.


August Newsletter

August 2019 Construction update: road works starting Monday 12 August

All of the modular buildings for the temporary school have been delivered and we are proceeding with the foundations for the permanent school. 

From 12 August, temporary traffic management arrangements will be in place on Bickley Road and Chislehurst Road - including temporary traffic lights and changes to bus stops.